heories of horse psychology

     Native Oklahoman Matt Replogle, one of the country's best clinicians, helps riders of all disciplines and levels of ability improve their relationships with their horses through his Foundation Through Communication™ techniques. Matt teaches his theories of horse psychology, communication and exercises to build a foundation for safety, respect, trust and responsiveness.

      Growing up on his parents ranch in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Matt was exposed early on to the complex structure of horse society and herd dynamics giving him a unique insight to the way horses think, interact and communicate. As a young adult, Matt spent nearly a year living among the herds of Wild Mustangs in and around Caliente, Nevada. This experience gained Matt a wealth of knowledge and skill attainable nowhere else.

      Today, Matt and his wife Lori live on their ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada. Matt regularly travels the country giving clinics and workshops helping horse owners over-come their issues with his versatile and effective programs.

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Foundation Through Communication™

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